BLOG > Putin Visits China’s 'Little Moscow' to Deepen Trade Amid Global Tensions

Putin Visits China’s 'Little Moscow' to Deepen Trade Amid Global Tensions

Putin Visits China’s 'Little Moscow' to Deepen Trade Amid Global Tensions

Putin's Diplomatic Mission in China

Russian President Vladimir Putin has embarked on a highly anticipated two-day visit to China, aiming to strengthen the trade ties between the two nations. This visit comes at a crucial time as the international community raises warnings about China's support for Russia's military-industrial base. Putin's agenda is tightly packed with key meetings and events, starting with a state reception hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. It marks Putin's first overseas state visit since his re-election last March, and it underscores the deepening relationship between Russia and China.

The Inseparable Partnership

During his visit, Putin emphasized the 'inseparable' partnership between Russia and China. He highlighted how crucial this relationship is for both nations, particularly in terms of energy security and economic stability. The strengthening of this bond comes amid rising tensions on the global stage, especially between the US and China. For Russia, deepening trade with China is vital to counteract some of the economic impacts of Western sanctions. Putin's visit is also symbolic, as he took time to honor Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of northeast China from Japanese occupation in the 1940s. This act of homage underscores the historical ties that bind the two nations.

Strategic Discussions and Projects

The Russia-China Expo serves as a platform for critical discussions on potential collaborations. One of the major projects under discussion is the Power of Siberia 2 pipeline. This project is seen as a cornerstone for future energy cooperation between the two countries. If successfully implemented, it would significantly increase Russia's natural gas supply to China, enhancing energy security for both nations. The discussions at the expo are also expected to cover other sectors such as infrastructure, technology, and defense cooperation.

Challenges in Trade Relations

Despite the positive outlook on paper, the trade relationship between Russia and China has faced significant challenges. One of the major hurdles is the payment difficulties arising from US-imposed sanctions. These sanctions have made it challenging for Russian companies to process payments for Chinese goods, leading to logistical and financial hurdles. Consequently, Chinese exports to Russia have seen a decline, further complicating the trade dynamics. The leaders of both countries are aware of these issues and are expected to discuss potential solutions to mitigate these challenges during the visit.

Geopolitical Context

The visit also comes at a time when global geopolitical tensions are at a peak. The relationship between the US and China is particularly strained, with both nations accusing each other of contributing to military production. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine adds another layer of complexity. Western powers are closely watching China's stance on the situation, wary of any moves that may indicate increased support for Russia. China, on the other hand, is trying to balance its support for Russia with its desire not to antagonize the West. This diplomatic tightrope walk is a critical consideration for both Xi Jinping and Putin during this visit.

Economic Dependencies

Economic interdependence is another key theme of the visit. Both Russia and China rely heavily on each other economically. For Russia, China is a significant market for its natural resources. For China, Russia is a critical supplier of energy and raw materials. However, this interdependence also comes with vulnerabilities. Any disruptions in trade or political relations can have significant economic repercussions for both nations. This visit is aimed not just at strengthening current ties but also at building a more resilient economic partnership that can withstand external pressures.


Putin's visit to China is a strategic move to bolster the already strong trade relationship between the two nations. Amid rising global tensions and economic challenges, this visit serves as a critical juncture for both countries to reaffirm their partnership. As the world watches closely, the outcomes of this high-stakes visit will likely have far-reaching implications, not just for Russia and China, but for the global geopolitical landscape.