BLOG > Euro 2024: Phil Foden's Return for Crucial England Match

Euro 2024: Phil Foden's Return for Crucial England Match

Euro 2024: Phil Foden's Return for Crucial England Match

Phil Foden's Temporary Departure from Euro 2024 Camp

Phil Foden, the burgeoning star of the English midfield, temporarily stepped away from the intense atmosphere of Euro 2024 to embrace a joyous personal milestone. The 24-year-old returned to the UK from Germany as his partner, Rebecca Cooke, gave birth to their third child, a boy. This is a heartwarming moment in the life of the young footballer, who is balancing personal joy with the rigors of an international tournament.

Having proven his mettle by starting in every group-stage match for England, Foden's absence from Blankenhain, where the English camp is based, was conspicuous. The Football Association, recognizing the importance of family, granted him leave to attend to this pressing family matter. Reports indicate that Foden, after ensuring the well-being of his newborn and partner, headed back to Germany on Thursday night. His immediate return showcases his dedication to his national duties even amidst personal celebrations.

Gareth Southgate's Confidence in Foden

Head coach Gareth Southgate has exemplified faith in Foden's abilities and resilience. According to sources, Southgate expects Foden to report back to the camp later on Thursday and to be fit for the pivotal match against Slovakia on Sunday. The coach's confidence in Foden is unwavering, even amidst some criticism of his performances in the tournament so far.

Southgate has a plethora of attacking options at his disposal. Talents such as Cole Palmer, Anthony Gordon, and Jarrod Bowen have all showcased their skills during Euro 2024. This depth allows Southgate the strategic flexibility to either field Foden or give him a well-deserved rest following his brief absence from the camp. However, given Foden's experience and importance to the team, it's likely he will be involved in the match against Slovakia.

England's Performance at Euro 2024

England's Performance at Euro 2024

England's journey through the Euro 2024 group stages has been a mixed bag of performances. The team's recent goalless draw against Slovenia brought both frustrations and learnings. Southgate remains optimistic, viewing the match as a step forward in terms of the team's overall performance, even if the goals didn't materialize. He believes that his squad is gradually building momentum and that the breakthrough will come in due time.

The upcoming match against Slovakia is crucial. England's progress in the tournament hinges on securing a decisive victory. Foden's return injects not just talent but a renewed sense of purpose and determination into the squad. The young midfielder's ability to change the course of a game with his vision and skill is an asset that Southgate heavily relies upon.

Factors in Team Selection

Phil Foden's stint away from the tournament has raised pertinent questions about team selection dynamics. Southgate's ability to manage a well-rounded squad with depth is crucial. While Foden's skill is undeniable, the contributions of other players like Cole Palmer, Anthony Gordon, and Jarrod Bowen can't be overlooked. Each has shown flair, adaptability, and a commendable commitment to the team's cause.

Given Foden's absence for family reasons, this may be an opportune moment for Southgate to leverage the squad's depth. A rotation in the squad not only keeps players fresh but also gives others the much-desired experience and exposure at the highest level. This strategic diversity could be England's trump card as they strive to rectify the shortcomings of the group stage.

Looking Ahead: Slovakia Match and Beyond

Looking Ahead: Slovakia Match and Beyond

The Slovakia match is more than just a game; it's a litmus test for England's aspirations in Euro 2024. With Foden's anticipated return, the squad is expected to bring an invigorated performance. Southgate's tactical choices, especially in integrating Foden back into the squad, are keenly awaited. How he balances returning stars and emerging talent will define the tenacity and adaptability of this England side.

Foden's presence will undoubtedly be pivotal. His deft touches, strategic passes, and ability to create space are qualities that could overwhelm Slovakia's defenses. Partnered with seasoned teammates and buoyed by personal joy, Foden is poised to make a significant impact. The anticipation surrounding this match is palpable, as fans and analysts eagerly await Foden's contributions and England's tactical prowess.


Phil Foden's return to the Euro 2024 stage after attending to family commitments marks a unique blend of personal and professional milestones for the young midfielder. His dedication to both his family and his national duties is commendable. As England gears up for the crucial match against Slovakia, the focus will undeniably be on Foden's performance and Southgate's strategic deployments.

Despite facing criticism, Foden's potential to turn the tide for England is immense. The match against Slovakia is set to be a decisive encounter, not only for England's standing in the tournament but also for Foden's continued journey as one of England's promising football talents. Fans are hopeful for a stellar performance both from the team and Foden, as they seek to progress further in the tournament with renewed vigor and strategy.