BLOG > Billie Eilish Reveals Heartfelt Experience with Ghosting and Fame on 'Miss Me?' Podcast

Billie Eilish Reveals Heartfelt Experience with Ghosting and Fame on 'Miss Me?' Podcast

Billie Eilish Reveals Heartfelt Experience with Ghosting and Fame on 'Miss Me?' Podcast

Billie Eilish Shares Personal Struggles on 'Miss Me?' Podcast

In a revealing episode of Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver's podcast 'Miss Me?', renowned musician Billie Eilish candidly discussed her experience of being ghosted by someone she had known for years. Eilish, at 22, has made waves in the music industry, yet her recent revelation sheds light on a more personal struggle many can relate to.

The Ghosting Incident

Eilish shared that an acquaintance, with whom she had longstanding plans, unexpectedly stopped communicating with her. She described the bewildering nature of ghosting – the sudden and unexplained end of contact. More disheartening was discovering that this person had entered a new relationship without notifying her, leaving her feeling both confused and rejected.

She explained, “I didn’t know people still did this.” The disappointment in her voice was evident as she recounted how much she had looked forward to their meeting. Ghosting isn’t just limited to romantic interests; it affects friendships deeply, leaving behind a trail of questions and emotional turmoil.

Fame’s Toll on Personal Connections

Billie's story doesn’t end there. Fame has evidently been a double-edged sword for the young artist. When she catapulted to stardom with her debut album 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' at the tender age of 17, the dynamics of her friendships changed drastically.

Most of her friends drifted away, unable or unwilling to navigate the new reality of her fame. She revealed, “I lost all my friends except one, Zoe. She’s been there since I was two.” This candor highlights the isolating nature of fame, even for those seemingly at the peak of their careers.

Post-tour attempts to reconnect with former friends often proved futile, leaving Billie feeling a mix of resentment and longing. The icing on this bittersweet cake was a poignant moment at her 20th birthday party where she realized many of the attendees were her employees, and not the friends she had grown up with or hoped to reconnect with.

A Private Personal Life

Since her split with Jesse Rutherford in May 2023, Billie has opted to keep her romantic escapades under wraps, focusing on her career and personal well-being. The candid discussion on the podcast is a rare glimpse into her private life, providing a clearer picture of the emotional battles she has faced behind the scenes.

It's a sobering reminder that even stars have their share of heartaches and uncertainties. For fans, it is a chance to see a different side of Billie Eilish: a young woman navigating the complexities of relationships and fame with honesty and vulnerability.

Billie’s experience with ghosting and the impact of fame on her friendships is an eye-opener. It brings to light the universal struggle of maintaining personal connections amidst rapid changes and pressures from societal expectations and personal milestones.

Reflections on Friendship and Loneliness

Reflecting further, Billie detailed the emotional shifts she encountered as her career skyrocketed. The loneliness stemming from lost friendships is a sentiment echoed by many who achieve rapid fame. The discrepancy between public perception and personal reality often leads to a lonely journey.

Her relationship with Zoe, who has been a constant in her life, illustrates the significance of enduring friendships. Zoe’s unwavering presence contrasts sharply with the transient nature of many other relationships in Billie’s life. This consistency has been a source of support and stability for Billie amidst the chaos of her career.

Ghosting, as outlined by Billie, isn’t merely a cessation of communication but can be indicative of deeper relational issues. The abrupt ending, without closure, leaves the affected individual grappling with self-doubt and unanswered questions.

Impact on Mental Health

Billie’s open discussion on the podcast also sheds light on the mental health implications of such experiences. The emotional distress stemming from being ghosted echoes broader mental health challenges faced by many in similar situations.

Her transparency in describing the hurt and frustration tied to this incident provides a comforting relatability for her audience. It normalizes these feelings and fosters an empathetic understanding, underscoring the importance of mental health awareness in dealing with relational issues.


'Miss Me?' podcast offers an unfiltered look into Billie Eilish’s personal life, stripping away the facade of fame to reveal the genuine and often painful experiences she faces. Her honesty about being ghosted and isolated by her fame is a stark reminder of the emotional complexities that accompany success.

Listeners are given a rare opportunity to identify with Billie’s struggles, understanding that beneath her success and public persona lies a person navigating the same heartaches and challenges as anyone else. The episode is a testament to the importance of speaking openly about personal experiences, fostering a more empathetic and connected world.