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What’s trending on the Dorpskoerant ? What articles are attracting attention ? What’s popular ? What’s fashionable ? What’s relevant ? Browse the Pages and the Posts that are trending as we speak. Top dozen PostsKaren Zoid to launch Mothership Studio in the Western Cape May 28, 2018 (58)Advance booking. To book or not to book, that is the… May 28, 2018 (46)A very successful evening – Trivia and Music… June 10, 2018 (43)Platteland. And that’s what it’s all about. June 7, 2018 (37)The Darling Bridge Club is up and running May 28, 2018 (32)As sweet as honey, the threatened honey bees May 29, 2018 (26)Western Cape Municipal Workshop promoting tourism,… May 25, 2018 (21)The Adventures of Poor Frank: Criss-Cross

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