Balsamic Dreams and Baby Boomers

Balsamic Dreams sounds like the perfect read; meat and drink for a card carrying Curmudgeonly Baby Boomer in need of a haircut. Available from Takealot as an e-Book for R73, it’s the perfect birthday present. I think I’ll treat myself in memory of late 1962 when the Cuban Missile Crisis threatened to escalate; it didn’t escalate and we lost our innocence.

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Ageism is as odious as Racism and Sexism

Gerry Retief wrote this article about Ageism in June 2012 and has given his permission for reproduction. “The first article I wrote for News24 (“I’m Sick and Tired”) had a huge and mostly positive response. The few negative respondents to this article showed an astonishingly strong prejudice against age.

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