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Articles that interest RASKIs, split into just a handful of categories such as -

  • Articles that are very important to retirees - such as legal, property, pensions, medical aid, state options etc. This is a very good opportunity for Sponsors and Advertisers to get their message across to we retirees.
  • In the home - home decorating, maintenance, good deals etc
  • In the kitchen - catering, recipes, equipment, good deals etc.
  • In the cellar - wine, beers, liquids in general, good deals etc.
  • On the road - Travel, accommodation, Car reviews, good deals etc.
  • Entertainment - Theatre, Music, Books, Art, Writers groups, Play reading groups, TV, good deals etc.
  • Shopping - Good deals

But this is your Network, so it's up to you. What would you like to see included ?

Use the contact form to add your voice.


Many websites have far too many Categories and sub categories. It just leads to confusion and often to missed opportunities.

I am aware of a Website (I set it up and managed it) that had over 990 Articles categorised into 60 Categories, sub categories, and sub-sub categories - complicated super bloat.

I am often put off by Business Directories and Product Directories that studiously list everything ultra-categorised, so much so that it is difficult to navigate.

This Blog will have very few high level categories, if you need to get specific then use the Search box.



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