Bed & Breakfast; Guest Lodge; Self Catering; House rental

Art & Culture

Concerts; Live Performers; Theatre; Art; Movies & Videos

At Home

Architects; Builders; Electricians; Plumbers; Garden Services; Interior decorators

Auto and Transport

Auto Repair & Spare Parts; Auto Sales; Car Hire & Taxi services; Motorcycles & bicycles

Eating In

Caterers; Tableware; Liquor sales; Produce markets and sales; Supermarkets; Home-industry

Eating Out

 Restaurants, Bars and Clubs; Cafes and Coffee shops; Pop ups, street food & food trucks

Professional Services

Medical & Legal; Financial & Investments; Real Estate; Tourism & Travel: Security Services


Groceries; Fashion; Electronics & Sound; Hardware & Builders' supplies; Speciality e.g. Spices; Music

RASKIs at work

Network of highly experienced pensioners seeking to continue to work after retirement.

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