The Queen of Hearts invades Darling

Saturday 30th June saw the official kick-off Bridge Tournament of the new Bridge club in Darling. Early morning start at the Darling Club, then bridge all day until late afternoon. Although a festive air was maintained, the bridge was competitive and administered under the watchful eye of a tournament director.

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Do you feel like blogging ?

We all have things we enjoy doing, professionally, as a hobby, as a volunteer or just for spontaneous fun. Have you ever felt the urge to tell people about your adventures or you hobbies or have you become another victim of the Facebook culture where anything more than 50 words is an epic mission ?

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1951 and a Commercial Traveller sets off round Southern Ireland

Jimmy set the manual choke and cranked his old Austin 7 into sputtering life. It fired third time and muttered away in the style of venerable vehicles with violent vibrations and some misfires, before it settled down to a regular ‘putter’ ‘putter’.  (the ‘Commercial Traveller’ was my Irish grandfather who retired in 1953.)

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