“I had a farm in Africa”, Reggie Brown moves to the Midlands

My name is Beccie and I am your narrator. Before Reggie Brown became a famous P.I. and we opened the ‘Reggie Brown P.I. Agency’ together he used to tell me about the early days at his farm in Africa (KZN Midlands). This text was unearthed some years later in his memoirs. I reproduce it exactly as he wrote it, no editing, no additions, just Reggie at his reflective best.

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Introducing Portlyshort Private Investigations Agency

Reggie Brown, dapper and dashing, not to mention daring, founded the firm of Reggie Brown Investigations in 2003. He ran a tight ship with the help of his adoring Private Assistant Beccie who passed the reins to his successor Rupert who runs the operation to this day. Rupert renamed the agency ‘Portlyshort Longdog PI Agency’ as it adds a certain cachet. Read More

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