Mulligatawny Soup, perfect for a cold day

Literally meaning pepper water. Mulligatawny Soup is an Anglo-Indian invention. Created by servants for the English Raj who demanded a soup course from a cuisine that had never produced one. You can make this soup a day ahead and you can add chicken pieces in the soup as well. Read More

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Eggs, the mighty Hen and the breakfast table

The pig’s contribution to the classic breakfast may be a total commitment, but eggs are without doubt an important ingredient in many meals, be they breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. Whether you scramble them, boil them, poach them, fry them or add them to soufflés, cakes or whatever, eggs are good for you.

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Noble Nasturtiums so versatile in the kitchen

Nasturtiums have long been a gardener’s favourite and recent trends have eased them into the cook’s territory. They add a splash of dramatic colour to otherwise colourless meals. The whole plant is edible; leaves, seeds and flowers, having a spicy, peppery taste.

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