A very successful evening – Trivia and Music quizzes and Karaoke

Co-host of the Trivia and Music quiz section, John writes – “I am pleased to report that we had a blast on Friday evening. Hats off to Alisha and the Perron team and particularly technical sound support and great Karaoke by Stefan.”

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Advance booking. To book or not to book, that is the question…

Can an organiser reasonably expect advance booking for a show or for a meal or for any event that involves planning; any event that involves the outlay of money by the organiser ? I have been toying with this article for months wondering if it is valid. Finally, an event this week-end gave me the push I needed to put pen to paper.

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Treat yourself, take the week-end off, have a darling time

Feeling like a Break ? Why not take a well earned break from the tedium of work and political intrigue ? Book for the Special Preview show of the Echo of a Noise before it jets off to London with Pieter-Dirk Uys. You deserve a darling time.

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