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Various opportunities and campaigns are available

Affordable advertising options (as little as R25 p.m.) -

  • Banner AD in Header – 728W by 90H
  • Banner Ad in body of webpages – 728W by 90H
  • Sidebar Ad 1 – 300W by 250H
  • Sidebar Ad 2 – 300W by 250H
  • Sidebar Mini Ad – 125W * 125H
  • Footer Ad – 200W by 140H
  • Directory listing - use Directory Submission Form
  • Events – poster size 600W (max.) by 1200H (max.)
  • Website Pages and/or Advertorials linked to Ads
  • Newsletter Ads (e.g. Event Posters) – size 600W (max)
  • E-mail campaigns and Press releases
  • Surveys

Extended period discounts available.

Contact Tel. >> 022.492.2009

Contact email>>

Image size and quality - please submit your images as JPEGS (max width 630px), with resolution of 96 dpi to 133 dpi (max). If you need any assistance with this please contact me. Submit your image to

The Dorpskoerant website and personnel are not responsible for any errors or omissions in Ads. Ads are supplied by Advertisers and it is their responsibility to check all text, images and offers (implied and explicit).

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