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Why Advertising in a Bad Economy Is Good

Advertising in a recession is actually a smart business move to grow your business, both now, and for the future. It's not the risk you may think it is. …

Your Competition Won't Advertise

Most small businesses have a limited advertising budget. During a recession, it's easy to make up some of those Rands by holding back on advertising. But all that really does is open up the marketplace for your most savvy competitors. The presence you have spent advertising Rands on to build up is now an open field for the competitors that are willing to advertise in your space if you walk away.


Events -

Your Event Poster is included in the Upcoming Event Schedules / Calendar (mobile friendly) on the website and the weekly newsletter from the time of ordering the ad for the Event to the time of the event. All we require is an email which includes the poster as a JPEG (minimum size 700 pix wide) which includes the Event name, location, date, time, cost, booking details and any special conditions. Price for an occasional Event is Free, prices for multiple events campaigns are by agreement.

Business Listings -

Example >> To include Business Name, gallery of up to 10 images as JPEGS (minimum size 700pix wide), contact details including hyperlinks to your email address and to your website and text up to 200 words. Charge is R10 per month paid annually (R120).

    • Payment will be on a pro rate basis for the year and will be billed for the remaining months. Example - sign up in March 2019 and pay R100 for 2019, sign up in April and pay R90 for 2019.
    • Less than the price of a Hamburger and  a Beer per year, reasonable ? Visit the Trending Page for a list of the Top 10 most viewed pages in the right hand column. You decide. Write a really good advertorial and it will Trend.
Other WEBSITE Advertising options include -
  • Header Adverts, various negotiable - R125 per month shared
  • Footer Adverts, various negotiable - R125 per month
  • Advertorials as Posts - R150 - you write it (or we can write it for you for a fee) so it is your story.
WOID (Whats on in Darling) Payment Terms

Unless we have a contract for ongoing services, WOID can only provide casual advertising services on a pre-payment basis, with receipt of cleared funds prior to the advert being flighted.

Digital marketing options

I have learnt the hard way recently that the old adage that advertising should be paid for in advance holds true particularly online advertising, so I will request payment in advance.

Display ads

Display ads refer to visual advertising. This includes images, text, banners, popup ads and video ads.

  • Header Ads
  • Footer Ads - Pop Ups
  • Footer Ads - static
Social media ads

Targeted platforms include Facebook and Twitter.

Video ads

You can use video advertising for a wide array of purposes. Mostly it would be to engage the audience emotionally. You can do different types of videos like educational or informational videos, or even how-to videos. Video advertisements are popular because they avoid blatant advertising and because they’re usually very amusing. Make sure you produce high-quality videos though. YouTube is the only channel we use to load your video content from.

Email marketing

With email marketing, we’re not referring to random, spammy sales emails. Our website visitors have signed up for our  email newsletters giving us permission to email them.

Advertorial marketing

Advertorial is a type of paid editorial content. It is a form of advertisement that gives information about the product or service in the form of an article. Advertorials are used to educate prospective consumers about the features of a product or service.

Rate Sheet

In the temporary absence of an updated rate Sheet all rates other than shown in the text above are by negotiation.

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