They’re selling our birthrights for a mess of pottage

Octopus fishing in False Bay is killing Bryde’s whales, and with them, a magical and unseen kingdom.

Octopus fishing off the coast of Cape Town is supposedly being carried out for ‘research purposes’. But no research has been published and the gear being used is killing not just octopi, but also Bryde’s whales.

In a golden forest floating beneath a deep blue sea lives a liquid creature with three hearts, nine brains and eight arms. In her magic kingdom, she shares her domain with hundreds of thousands of other weird and wonderful creatures that swim and surf and glide and dig and swoop and stick. In the larger kingdom, leviathans roam and other supremes with razor teeth and eyes that track in starlight watch over it all.

Perhaps this sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, but it’s the truth of the great African sea forest, the wondrous kelp ecosystem that lives just beneath our waters.

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