South African complexes should be moving onto their own water and electricity supplies right now: expert

Sectional Title schemes and other community housing developments should be taking steps as fast as they can to ensure that residents have access to electricity and water supplies in the coming months.

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These steps could include the installation of generators, solar power systems (PV panels), solar water heaters or heat pumps, rainwater collection tanks and pumps, and even the drilling of boreholes.

This is according to Andrew Schaefer, MD of national property management company Trafalgar, who said that in the face of the unresolved coal supply and mechanical problems at Eskom power stations, it is likely that SA will continue to be plagued by periods of load-shedding, especially during the high-demand winter season.

“What is more, electricity tariffs are rising by an effective 14% this year and are set to keep rising, which makes alternative power supply systems such as wind or solar attractive even without the prospect of load-shedding,” he said.

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