Darling Watch AGM Friday 17th May

The Darling Watch AGM was very well attended last Friday. The enthusiastic attendance was a testament to the hard work and commitment of the members, many of whom go out on patrols and act as eyes and ears for our community safety in our small village. The very comprehensive presentation by Watch Chair Riaan Neethling was well received.

The Darling Watch will be having a marketing drive very soon outside SPAR in an effort to boost the number of active members.

Looking around the audience last Friday I didn’t see many familiar faces of immediate neighbours. An opportunity to encourage adjacent neighbours to join if they are not already members.

The marketing drive outside SPAR should help as it is possible that Darling residents have not been made aware of the Watch and the very good work that the Watch does to keep us all safe in our warm jimjams.

Those of us who are members can do much to encourage our friends and neighbours to join. The more revenue the Watch attracts the better able it is to pursue projects like the security cameras which are sited around town, security cameras that have already proved heir worth.

Darling Watch is:

  • knowing what to do when crime or other emergencies occur
  • finding ways to make our community safer
  • promoting awareness of others who may need help or advice

One of the very important aspects of the Watch is the impact of Car patrols night and day. This is an aspect where new members can make a big contribution. If neighbours are members they could double up and do patrols together to relieve the boredom and to provide extra eyes and ears – team work. To provide encouragement to be there on time; if I know my next door neighbour is going to be waiting for me outside for our night-time patrol I am less likely to roll over and go back to sleep.

The annual cost of R200 per person is the price of dinner out for 2 once a year. Cheap for adding a very significant layer to Darling’s Security as a community.

So how about we all consider joining the Darling Neighbourhod Watch to help each other keep watch ?

If you require more information on Darling Watch or are interested in becoming a member please contact Gary Barrows at garybarrows@intekom.co.za

If you prefer

Please fill in our Contact Form below and we’ll get back to you –

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