A job in every home

A political party came up with the very compelling slogan before the election “A Job in Every Home”. With that in mind the What’s on in Darling Jobs Board was set up for 2 groups of people, local Employers and potential Employees. Employers post their vacant jobs using the Add New Job form and candidates respond using email.

Why should you consider using our online Jobs Board? Because there is a need for a ‘job in every home’ in our community. ‘Charity begins at home’ and we should support each other.

Here’s what the Jobs Board looks like.

jobs board

As an Employer, all you have to do is to complete the very simple Add New Job form. As a potential employee all you have to do is to complete your application using email and send it direct to the company.

Here’s what the on-line ‘Add New Job’ input form looks like.

Job Board

Have a look at our Jobs Board. The Jobs Board will operate free of charge so use it, don’t let it die. It’s YOUR Jobs Board.

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