Do Job Boards Work?

The short answer is yes they do. I have been considering for some time the idea of including a Jobs Board on the ‘Whats on in Darling’ website and it was born today. If you are recruiting there are many sources you can use to find and attract talent. One popular method is to post open positions on an electronic job board.

Why post your job ad on a website jobs board ?

The obvious reason is that physical boards are not secure and notices get blown away, rained on or removed before they are filled.

Anyone with website access can read the ad as soon as it is published and it cannot be blown away, rained on or removed before it is filled.

Why you should use our online Jobs Board?

There are both general and niche job boards available. Niche job boards often focus on candidates for particular niches such as industry or commerce type and others focus on geographical niches.

In our case the Jobs Board niche is clearly a Geographical Niche, the Cape West Coast. As they say ‘Charity begins at home’; so if we are based on the West Coast and we are looking for staff shouldn’t we consider local talent first?

Our Jobs Board will typically include jobs offered by companies operating anywhere within commuting distance of Darling including Cape Town North (e.g. Milnerton), Mamre, Atlantis, Malmesbury, Langebaan, Saldanha, Darling itself, Yzerfontein and the Riebeek Valley.

Have a look at our West Coast Jobs Board.

Do job boards work?

When it comes to answering the question Do job boards work there is no clear-cut answer. In many cases they do and in this case it will because it is very focussed.

The ‘Whats on in Darling’ Jobs Board will operate free of charge for an extended period of at least 6 months. Once it is successful we can get together to determine equitable charge rates that reflect the value of the Jobs Board to local employers and to employees.

Our Jobs Board is mobile-friendly

Today, more candidates are applying for jobs on their phones. Research has revealed that at least 28% of job seekers (including 53% of 18- to 29-year-olds) have used a smartphone as part of a job search.

Job boards with mobile features allow you to reach more talent. Candidates can research positions and apply on their phones. This allows job seekers to apply for online jobs at any time. Mobile-friendly job board applications make job seeking easier for candidates, so you are likely to have more people to choose from.

The ‘What’s on in Darling’ Jobs Board is mobile friendly.

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