Community safety in Darling

Riaan Neethling. “Although crime trends in Darling may be lower than in some other rural towns it is still essential to implement crime-prevention initiatives to minimize crime incidents and avoid crime spreading from surrounding areas into the town.

Often crimes occurring in smaller rural towns are perpetrated by offenders from surrounding areas or even the Cape Town Metropolitan neighbourhoods. As certain areas strengthen their crime security measures crime is driven out of those areas into more vulnerable suburbs and towns.

Darling has two neighbourhood watches that work together and collaborate with the Community Police Form, South African Police Services and Law Enforcement to assist in minimizing crime in Darling and the surrounding areas. The neighbourhood watches do patrols and members assist in the monitoring and reporting of suspicious individuals or activities to ensure that appropriate action is taken timeously. With the financial assistance of the Swartland Municipality, local businesses and residents, various security surveillance cameras have also been installed in Darling and the process is ongoing with more cameras being planned.

The nature of criminal activity and crime patterns has changed and it has become essential for all neighbourhoods to strengthen their community safety initiatives. The Darling Watch Neighbourhood Watch aims to be proactive and preventative in dealing with crime risks.”

If residents require more information on Darling Watch or are interested in becoming a member they should please contact Gary Barrows at

Source: Hello Darling Newsletter, with kind permission.

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