Darling’s Golden-Boy wins a Golden Ticket!

Irit Noble writes. “Interviewing Lance is a delight. His eyes sparkle, and his beautifully modulated voice is always ready with an inspiring answer. He is a Darling indeed.

Lance has a deeply entrenched love of art and music, something he shared with many, including the children he worked with in his 5 years as a youth counselor before moving to Darling. His parents relocated in 2015, determined to escape the constant violence of Lavender Hill.

He comes from a family of lively musicians, and Lance cannot name an instrument that is not played by at least one of them. They all lovingly encouraged him to take the singing spotlight while they accompanied him, and in this environment he taught himself to sing, starting with the Gospel music that filled the house.

And now… his rich, resonant voice has won him a Golden Ticket to SA Idols Theatre Week, where he will compete for his place in the top 16!

Meeting on his return from the Johannesburg auditions, I ask him to describe his past few days. He is not permitted to discuss any of it yet, but sums it up with one word: “Hectic.”

Lance describes Auditioning for SA IDOLS

Lance goes on to say, “Watching Idols only shows part of the experience, but when you are actually there… whew! Those long lines at Century City, with just over 1500 people, all just praying to be picked. And I was also thinking, would I be the one?

Simon Cowell says to do something to stand out. So here I was in the line amongst all the people humming and harmonizing, and I just felt an impulse to paint my face. I had packed my make-up bag but not planned on anything until the minute I was doing it, right there. People thought I was there for Wooden Mic, because most of the performers who come in character or paint up, are there for comic relief!”

But it was no joke.

Lance describes his final audition as nerve-wrecking. “Seeing others compete on TV, it’s easy to say “I would do this, I wouldn’t do that” but when you are right there, facing those judges…. I actually don’t remember anything! I know I sang Creep, but all I remember is walking in there, standing on the stage, and being told “now sing!” He laughs. “But I think it went well…”

It clearly did!

Lance is Home… till June

When I ask how he’s feeling he says “I am still recovering! And happy to be home. It takes an hour to buy a loaf of bread in Spar, with everybody wishing me well. It is wonderful and I always make time to chat…  because this is part of what I do it for!”

Good luck Lance, how can we help?

In June we will all be able to follow his epic experience and hear more of his golden voice.  There will be voting online and via SMS. Meanwhile one way to support Lance is by helping him to build his online presence.

  • Friend Lance on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/chemicals23?_rdc=1&_rdr
  • Follow Lance on Instagram: @lancemadeup instagram.com/lancemadeup/

And keep all thumbs held tight, for his success!”

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Irit Noble

Irit Noble is a comedian, singer, speaker and writer known as an outspoken, irreverent entertainer from her sold-out one-woman shows, to being Ring Mistress of Madame Zingara, to hosting on SABC3 and Cape Talk/702 Talk Radio. Her writing experience includes being the masthead columnist for Sunday Times and writing the advice column for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Noble is currently very active online as a copy writer and social media manager, and offline in her Darling garden. Read more about Irit in November 2018’s issue of Khuluma Magazine, find her on her website iassist or email irit@iassist-sa.co.za

2 thoughts on “Darling’s Golden-Boy wins a Golden Ticket!

  • April 5, 2019 at 08:23

    you go lance love you cuz may you go far in this journey of yours proud of you and yes yoou are a winner behind you every step of the way mwah go for gold

    • April 5, 2019 at 12:42

      Hi Marlene
      Many thanks for your comment. Yup, we all wish Lance the very best on this adventure.


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