Darling Bowls Club. Business League and Boland inter club competition

The final round robin section of the Darling Business League took place on Thursday afternoon (28th March) at the Darling Bowls Club to determine who will represent Darling Bowls Club at Velddrif Bowling Club in the next round.

Darling Bowls Club
all the Darling contestants for the final round, to find the winning team to move forward to represent Darling Bowls Club. (Photo: Rika Mitchell)

Darling Business League

Game 1 – Kirsten the Youngsters v. MSA Dream Team 10-3
Game 2 – SAB Zibis v. MSA Dream Team 2-13
Game 3 – Kirstens the Youngsters v. SAB Zibis 0-11

Totaling up the scores gives the final result –

1st – MSA Dream Team – 16 points
2nd – SAB Zibis – 13 points
3rd – Kirsten the Youngsters – 10 points

Darling Bowls Club
WENNER DARLING rolbal Zandvliet besigheidsliga. (Photo: Rika Mitchell)

The final scores indicate that the teams were well matched with just a handful of points separating the teams in the end.
A very good evening of good bowls, a very good turnout of spectators, and a very good future for the Darling Bowls Club.

Boland West Coast inter club day – Saturday 29th March

Next event – Saturday 30th March starting at 09h00.

Darling Club is hosting a Boland West Coast inter club day with 12 Bowls cubs participating.

Play starts at 09h00 at the Club.

Each inter club match comprises 3 games. It promises to be a fun day.

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