Daily Maverick’s Manifesto

In less than six weeks you will be asked to decide what you stand for and make a choice in our country’s sixth democratic elections. We should all cherish that right/duty – after all, we belong to what is an ever-vanishing global group of nations that can make a free choice in a country where true freedom of expression is still an everyday norm.

Freedom cannot survive without constant vigilance, however.

Daily Maverick was founded to protect these values that formed the fundamentals of South Africa’s constitution. For nine years and counting, we have spent every waking hour, and every cent we’ve had, on an effort to deliver on what we believe is the sacrosanct public service of telling the truth to a nation that for so long starved for one.

Over the years, we’ve gathered the best journalists, investigators, writers, columnists and other experts ever seen in South Africa. From the killing fields of Marikana to the digital crevices of the hard drive cradling the #GuptaLeaks; from the dark machinations at SARS to the dark money corrupting SAPS, Daily Maverick was there, to discover, expose, explain and guide a nation in need of truth and honesty.

Our readers have faith in our commitment and belief in our stories; they trust we’re fair and balanced in our quest for truth. That’s why we are so widely read and why the body of our opinion writers is so diverse. They may not agree with us, and we may not agree with them, but they always feel they will be treated fairly.

Never a publication that would use cheap marketing tactics to attract even cheaper “clicks”, Daily Maverick is nevertheless blessed by 1.3 million monthly readers these days, who come from all over the world (though 80% are from South Africa). We are now spreading our touch to Business, Lifestyle and Civil Society, as well as documentary filmmaking. Our investigative team, Scorpio, shines a bright light on wrongdoing on all sides, recruiting new investigators when we can.

And yet, with all our editorial successes, we still need your help. The constant struggle that spans our entire existence, is the one for sustainability. More than two-thirds of our funds go towards stories that fill our pages, an amount that is absurdly high for the industry normally beset by legacies and dead wood of the past. With your help, we will be able to maintain that incredible rhythm and continue to grow our newsroom in a time when retrenchments and consolidation dominate the industry.

Consider becoming a Maverick Insider and supporting this truly meaningful effort. Besides keeping DM free for those who can’t afford to support us, we have other great benefits too. If you’d like a deeper insight into how and where Maverick Insider contributions are used, you can access our 2018 Yearbook here.

In these pre-election fever days, you may have read one manifesto too many. From our side, here’s our one line manifesto:

  • We promise you that we will not let go, let up, or give up searching for truth. Never.

So we ask you to make two choices in the coming days:

  • On 8th of May, we ask you to care about the future of the country and cast your vote. It does count.
  • Today, and forever, we also ask you to give your vote to Daily Maverick.

We defend Truth. Will you join us?

Branko Brkic,
Editor-in-chief (Daily Maverick & Scorpio)

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