Congratulations to Gail and Charl cycling to Morocco, they have reached Namibia.

The intrepid explorers Gail and Charl have crossed the border into Namibia. This calls for a brace of ‘frosties’ as a toast to both of them. Gail writes “Three days in Springbok allowed us to rest well and eat well and prepare to leave the country for an extended period.

We collected and packed five months’ of chronic meds pre-arranged via Discovery and Clicks; reminded Discovery of our departure date so their special travel health insurance, valid for three months, kicks in; spoke to both Nedbank and FNB to ensure they activate our credit cards for overseas use; checked the ball bearings on Charl’s bike and replaced my saddle ring with a quick-release whatsit that makes changing the saddle height easier; and I paid a visit to the dentist assuming a mild pain upper left would require a filling, but in fact required the removal of a wisdom tooth”….

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Here are a few of their pics… just a small sample of a growing body of images that capture their journey north. The picture at the top of the page is of the Orange River, the ‘border’ between South Africa and Namibia.

For the rest of Gail’s articles and pics about their trip so far.

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