Eskom is in deeper than we are told

Source: MYBROADBANDEskom implemented stage 4 load-shedding this weekend, blaming the “loss of an additional 900MW from Mozambique imports” for the electricity shortage. (Ed. they always seem to have someone else to blame).

Damage caused by tropical cyclone Idai means that both high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) lines from the Cahora-Bassa hydroelectric generation station to the Apollo substation in Gauteng are down….

Energy expect Chris Yelland suggests short-term solutions to load shedding

He has provided five short-term, quick-win solutions to current load shedding which are easy to implement.

  1. Unlock the regulatory constraints preventing customers from being part of the solution through small scale embedded generation (SSEG), like rooftop solar installations at homes, businesses, warehouses, factories, mines and farms.
  2. Promulgate the draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2019 and accelerate the procurement of the stalled expedited Rounds 4.5 and 5, and further rounds, of the Renewable Energy IPP programme for new utility scale wind and solar PV power plants.
  3. Commence the procurement and construction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and associated infrastructure for gas engine, OCGT and CCGT flexible power plants at port facilities in Kwazulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and Western Cape to back up variable renewable energy.
  4. Commence the procurement and installation of strategically positioned battery energy storage systems (BES) for voltage and frequency support, black start, and load shifting.
  5. To supplement grid power, facilitate micro-grids with renewable energy, battery energy storage, and diesel and gas generation for industrial parks, campuses, housing estates and rural villages.

(Ed. The suggestions above are particularly relevant to Darling which has a ready made solar solution available if it can be negotiated and connected. Now this might seem narrow minded and selfish, but sadly the demise of competent/uncorrupted government leaves us all in the situation where it is ‘every-man for himself’ for the foreseeable future.)

For the full article and other relevant articles refer MYBROADBAND

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