Free wheeling two from Cape Town to Casablanca

We met Free Wheeling Gail and Charl some days ago at Disa Lodge when Pat and Bobby invited us over to have a beer or two with these intrepid explorers. In their 60s they have not lost the spirit of adventure.

“After more than three years off the bikes, we begin our warm-up ride between Parys and Paarl (South Africa) on 27 January 2019.

Our BIG trip begins in Cape Town (South Africa) on 1 March 2019 and ends in Casablanca (Morocco). This is the first time we are planning to cycle a continent as opposed to a country. Why not join us for the ride…”

So join them we will. We will follow their progress, right now they are in Clan William.

You too can follow their progress on their website. Just pop onto their 2019/20 Biking Africa page and all is revealed.

Cycling for two

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