DA election slogan “a job in every home”

Mmusi Maimane presented the Democratic Alliance election manifesto at the week-end. 80 pages of promises but the best slogan of the election so far is “a job in every home“. Can we expect another layer to the  existing BBBEE employment scorecard criteria in the Western Cape (assuming the DA win again in the Western Cape) such as JIH for Job in Home. It will be interesting to see how they plan to implement this.  Featured photo Mmusi Mainame, Facebook.

“Fellow South Africans, in 1994, we had a dream. A dream of One South Africa where whatever our race, background or religion, we would be able to stand together as one, living free, happy and dignified lives. A dream where we would reduce the economic inequality in our country. A dream where we would realise the potential of our great nation, working together to make South Africa a beacon of hope and leader in the developing world.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) shares that dream. We live that dream. And we call that dream One South Africa for All. A South Africa where we come together because we are better together. A South Africa of the shared values of freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity.

Tragically, that dream has not been realised. Successive ANC governments have forgotten the people and through gross corruption and empty promises, they have rid our country of hope. Not only do they not want to lead South Africa forward to our dream – they are utterly incapable of managing the real problems that South Africa faces.”

Now for the Table of Contents only.

You can choose whether you wish to wade through the full 80 page DA Manifesto


The Change that Builds One South Africa for All

  • The DA’s Values
  • Our Vision for Government

Economic Growth and Jobs, Now

  • Economic Growth and Jobs, Now
  • Providing Policy Certainty and Direction for Growth and Jobs
    • Ž. Passing the Jobs Act for a job in every home
    • Ž. Eradicating employment corruption
    • Ž. Ensuring labour unions protect the interests of workers, not their own elites
    • Ž. Introducing a Voluntary National Civilian Service year
  • Urgent Measures to Stabilise the Economy and Prevent Government Bankruptcy
    • Ž. Public finances
    • Ž. Institutional independence
    • Ž. Fiscal risks
  • A New Plan to Realise Economic Justice for All South Africans
    • Ž. Economic justice for all
    • Ž. Land reform for jobs, justice and growth
  • Expanding access and improving Higher Education and Training
  • Unleashing Small Business
  • Enabling City-led Growth
  • Stimulating Trade and Investment Promotion
  • Making Industry and Manufacturing Work Again
  • Transport: Getting South Africans Moving
  • Unlocking Agriculture
  • Improving Access and Innovation in ICT
  • Cleaning House: Unbundling SOE Monopolies for Growth
  • Energy: Powering South Africa’s Economic Growth

Building a Caring, Opportunity-rich South Africa

  • Expanding Access to Quality Basic Services for All
    • Ž. Expanding access to housing: A home for all South Africans
    • Ž. Expanding access to water, sanitation and electricity
  • Building a Caring Social Assistance System
  • Creating a Health System that Works
  • Basic Education: Creating an Opportunity Ladder for All South Africans
  • Eliminating Gender-based Inequalities

Creating the Capable State

  • Building Resilience
  • Protecting and Promoting Justice and Constitutionalism
  • Eliminating Corruption and State Capture
  • Ensuring All South Africans are Safe and Secure
  • Immigration: Securing Our Borders
  • Streamlining Government and Maximising Delivery
  • Foreign Policy: Balancing National Interest with a Rights-based Agenda
  • Preserving the Environment
  • A Modern Defence Force for the 21st Century

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