Load Shedding Feb 2019

This is a short page to give you the link to the Eskom webpage for Load Shedding for specific towns. It’s easy to use – link to Load Shedding, type Darling and select Darling Swartland. The User interface is a bit messy. Type in ‘Dar‘ the system will then throw up a long list of Dar matches, add the letters ‘ling‘ and click scroll down and select Darling, Swartland. It has been pretty accurate for the last few days. Good luck.

The page you get should look like this –

escom load shedding

Links for you –

Of course if we have a general black out, there will be no internet, no whatsapp, no Facebook, no newspapers, no news, no hope, the food in the deep freeze will go vrot, the garage door won’t open. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.

Just in case, get in a good stock of hooch. And a few hundred candles so you can find the hooch.

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