Western Cape Political Party election contender’s Manifestos

I decided to settle down for the morning and browse through the various election manifestos to try to get a balanced view. Finding the manifestos was not an easy job.

I figured that if the parties were interested in getting their message out to the voters then a simple Google search should find the manifestos so I just used the obvious search argument “[politicalparty] Election Manifesto”

An easy job ? How wrong I was.

It was a nightmare. Some major political parties need to have a long hard look at their websites. They are not ‘fit for task’.

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Nothing about the DA manifesto just references to the ANC manifesto. This article is close but no cigar, only interesting if you live in Midvaal.

DA election website


I couldn’t find reference to it on the AN website so I scratched around using Google and found a PDF version.  This is a massive tome not unlike ‘War and Peace’ I wouldn’t bother if I were you unless you enjoy long winded fiction. I could not find a simply worded précis that is Voter friendly. Could it be that the ANC top brass don’t don’t want Voter friendly, preferring obfuscation.

ANC Homepage

The new website is called anc1912.org after they closed their old website anc.org  after an almost three-week shutdown due to nonpayment.

“Its former service provider, Unwembi Communications, has claimed that the ANC owed it R32.5m for developing and hosting the party’s website for over two decades.” source: Sowetan Live


I popped on to the official EFF website and could find nothing about a manifesto. It is not an easy website to navigate and there is no search option that I could find, normally close to top right on most websites.

So I selected the Media Statements link as that seemed the most obvious place to find an Election Manifesto. All I found was a blank page.

eff media stateent page for manifesto

Cape Party

The ‘big boys’ could learn a thing or two from the Cape Party website. The manifesto is clearly signposted on the home page just scroll down a little and click the Manifesto button. The manifesto itself is clear and understandable, very voter friendly.

cape Party manifesto

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