Dead Tree Media: One-sided sensationalism isn’t working.

Chris Moerdyk on: December 18, 2018. [COMMENT] A quick glance at audited numbers over the past decade shows quite clearly that sales continue to drop alarmingly.

Yet blinkered editors and management persist in sticking to the suicidal strategy of reducing editorial staff and ill-considered, knee-jerk reporting.

Clearly, more and more newspaper readers have become sick and tired of paying more and more money for mediocre journalism and are turning instead to the few reliable online news portals available for free.

Sometimes I get the feeling that even parrots will soon start rejecting newspapers as linings for their cages.

… continued …

There is no other industry in the world that is managed by such ardent denialists as the newspaper business.”

Ed: it can be argued that Newspaper Business includes all Print Media Business

With grateful thanks to themediaonline for permission to reference their article and to author Chris Moerdyk. To read the full article please link to themediaonline

Ed: sometimes unkindly referred to as the Dead Tree Media, newspaper and magazine print has been taking a beating over the past 15 years or so as it becomes increasingly difficult to attract advertising at rates that even cover costs. Online advertising revenues continue to eat Dead Tree advertising revenues.

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