Pets are not just for Christmas they are for life

At the SPCA we are often faced with a flood of people who surrender their dogs to us in June/July. This is usually a puppy that was given as a Christmas present. Six months on we find that people did not consider the attention and dedication a puppy needs to become an integral part of the family.

SPCA Xmas pets

Please consider the following before getting a pet for Christmas:

It is a privilege and not a right to own an animal - Your new pet will be your responsibility to care for, for the rest of it's life, which could be 10 - 15 years or more.

Have you really thought it through?

Are you sure that you want the animal?

Do you have the time to spend with it - socialising and playing with it?

Can you pay for any vet treatment that it requires, if it is sick or injured?

Is your property secured so that it can't roam in the street and cause a nuisance to man or beast?

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