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Merridy Edgson, founder and driver of the Darling Bridge Club writes “A year ago, the only bridge being played in Darling was in a social context where success in the game depended largely on the cards you held.  However, life is not about the cards you are dealt, but in how you play them that counts.  And so, the social players decided to band together and start playing more competitively and the Darling Bridge Club was born.

In the last 10 months, the membership has grown from 10 to 17, lessons have been held for those interested in playing and a very successful tournament was held in June, attended by around 60 bridge enthusiasts from Darling and further afield bringing visitors to Darling in the winter months – including a show at Evita se Perron The Queen of Hearts invades Darling.

Pat and Bobby etc
Ian, Felicity, Frank, Bobby and Pat
Neville and Yvonne

On Thursday 13th Dec we celebrated our last game of the year, together with prize giving and a lunch for all players and their partners. Much fun was had by all, with the players’ partnerships mixed up and hands dealt for interesting contracts. While the members enjoyed the challenges of playing, Brian Edgson and John Pocock braai’d the kebabs for us and members supplied the most amazing salads and desserts.

braaiers at Bridge Club
Brian Edgson and John Pocock braai’d the kebabs

We were honoured that Peter (pic) and Rupert joined us to celebrate their birthdays with us. Peter is indeed lucky as he shares the same birthday with Rupert and thus his birthday is not forgotten.

Peter with book
Peter, an avowed non reader, was daunted by the prospect of reading a 550 page book. On second viewing he has discovered it to be a gem of lively definitions and unlikely facts. Expect to see snippets in upcoming ‘Whats on in Darling’ newsletters.

Prizes were awarded to the winning partnership of the year – Cathy Hall and Hugh Davies.

Merridy with winning partnership of the year, Cathy Hall (with Rupert) and Hugh Davies


Merridy with Cheryl Pocock who represented the “spirit” of Darling Bridge

and to Cheryl Pocock who represented the “spirit” of Darling Bridge. Other prizes went to those reaching certain criteria for the day and Harm Jansie was not only the first person to call and make a “slam” but actually made 2 slams on the day.

Harm, the only person to call and make 2 slams

We continue to welcome anyone interested in joining our club, so please contact Merridy Edgson at or on 083.500.5312″

darling bridge scarecrow
The Darling Bridge Club’s scarecrow at the recent Darling Scarecrow Festival.

Ed: In days gone by bridge evenings were very formal affairs. The ladies dressed up in their finery and the gents wore Dinner Jackets. Code of bridge conduct, rules and behaviour were vitally important.

bridge fart
“Madam you broke wind before my wife”, host (with monocle) to guest, aghast. “I’m most frightfully sorry I didn’t realise it was her turn”, replies guest.

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