Eskom in crisis? How extreme? Total close down?

Energy expert Ted Blom says that Eskom is in crisis, which is evident by the current daily load-shedding schedule being implemented as the state owned company struggles with coal shortages and rising maintenance costs.

Load shedding is conducted rotationally as a measure of last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout – but speaking  to Jacaranda, Blom said that Eskom is in a daily fight to keep the power from being turned off completely.

Worryingly, a scenario where the power could go off, and not come back on again is definitely possible, the expert said.

“It is a possibility every day, because if the demand for electricity exceeds the availability of electricity with 1 KW, then the network will fail. We are on the brink every day. That is a daily fight,” he said.

For the rest of this disturbing article read this BusinessTech article

Ed: Am I being naive ? What would be the effect of turning off all supplies to all Municipalities who have not paid Escom ? Would the saving in consumption address the pending load shedding melt down? Has anyone done the sums ?

Extended Load shedding could have a messy effect on Darling tourism and on the tourism gains in the Western Cape.

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