Escom Load shedding Schedules

After some more research and a phone call to Swartland where I got more information I have reset this post. It is live again.

The Escom load shedding webpage is a breeze to find and to read. There is a single navigation, fill in the top box with Darling and select Darling, Swartland, Western Cape and hey presto you’re there – Overl Escom Load Shedding

Or go to the Darling page at –  Darling Load Shedding Link

Just keep track of which load shedding level we are at.

I phoned Swartland today and spoke to Jaco CarstensChief Electrical Technician: Design & Planning. He was very helpful and emailed a detailed Excel spreadsheet of load shed times. He also emailed the information that the Swartland Municipality uses the same load shedding times as ESKOM. Darling Escom link again

This is what December’s load shedding looks like, I am hoping Escom automatically updates the schedule for each month without us having to go digging.

December load shedding

Links for you –

how the ANC broke Escom in 10 short years.

Some FAQs about Load shedding


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