Darling punches above its weight

Just a short while ago Darling celebrated the successful Voorkamerfest where visitors experienced live performances in Darling residents’ Voorkamers. Darling has a very warm heart. Those who had taken in the performances settled down to enjoy the convivial after party buzz at the Evita se Perron Piazza.

Book your accommodation if you are planning to stay over for a couple of days for next year’s Voorkamerfest, the dates are slated as 6th, 7th and 8th September 2019.

No sooner had the last partygoers from The Voorkamerfest left town the Darling Wildflower Show swung into action. Sources suggest that over 6,000 visitors went through the turnstiles during the 3 days of the Show.

I went down on Saturday afternoon and marvelled at the variety of activities from a wine tasting tent for the sophisticats, to kiddies’ bungee jumps. And, of course the reason for the Show, the incomparable Wild Flower Show itself in the Club – a big salute to the many volunteers who help to make this show such a success, you did it again in trumps. The real Star of the Show of course is Mother Nature; she showed her strength of character by putting aside the rigours of the extended drought and giving us the best show for years.

I noticed a large number of luxury busses among the many cars parked in car park, thank you to all our visitors from afar. We enjoyed seeing you here enjoying yourselves and we look forward to seeing you next year.

There were so many activities, but I noticed 2 in particular, the new Darling Green Estate kicked off its marketing at a stall right near the entrance to the Flower Show and the successor to the Darling Tourism website, Hello Darling, was launched.

A splendid week-end in our small town, a town that punches well above its weight.. and the cherry on top – the Boks won. I remarked after watching the TV highlights of the Bok’s win in the club bar  – “ek dink ek gaan dronk word”.

But the week-end wasn’t over; Sunday afternoon saw us off to the Mamre Werf for excerpts from the unusual opera Lucia di Lammermoor. With a cast of 25 or so and an outstanding narrator/accompanist, José Dias, the work showcased the exceptional talent we have in South Africa.

Congratulations to Thys Greeff for putting on another afternoon of Opera, and to the warm people of Mamre who hosted us for the afternoon, we’ll see you next year.

You might be forgiven for thinking that is enough exercise for one winter, but no, it is rumoured that there will soon be an invasion of Darling by Scarecrows (‘a murder’ of Scarecrows) in all shapes, sizes and guises.

Source of image: Cathy Hall with thanks.

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Peter Hall

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