‘Whats on in Darling’ – a value proposition.

Our objective ? To be a comprehensive Diary of Upcoming Events in Darling and near Darling, using responsive Upcoming Events pages for PC users and Mobile users alike; and to provide a simple Business Directory.

Convenience ?

The website objective is to be a useful and reliable resource for information about Darling and information that affects Darling residents.

We use Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn to spread the word and to engage potential visitors as well as residents.

Much of Darling Business is derived from a very active tourism sector – from live Theatre, to Accommodation, to Eat and Drink to Events and Festivals. Service Providers deserve the best promotion services possible and we hope to add value by supplying a complementary Promotion Service.

Same day Update is the goal for Events.

If we receive a new Event, or an Event change or cancellation by midday we aim to reflect the change the same day. If you are changing an event it is often late in the Upcoming Event cycle so you need fast turnaround.

All we require is a JPEG Poster minimum width 700 pix including minimum of Event Title, Date and Time, Location and Cost.

Business Directory

Setting up a Business Directory Listing typically involves discussion, data harvesting and change. The goal is to get a Business Listing loaded within 7 days.

Special Offers

We merely require your Artwork as a JPEG  which we will reduce as necessary. Please be aware that the default width for display on PCs and on the weekly newsletter will be 600 pix wide. Mobile devices (very popular and increasingly relevant for website browsing) are only about 300 pix wide so please make sure your Special Offer is clear at Mobile width.

Our Caveat.

We have a simple rule about displaying Event posters or Service Provider information. We don’t like Ambush marketing any more than Service Providers do, so we will only load up an Event poster or Directory Entry if we have been asked to do so, or if we ask for and receive explicit permission to load. The information is the Intellectual Property of the Event Organiser/Host or Business.

Calendar and Upcoming Events Formats

As mentioned, many website Visitors come in to the website using mobile devices. The website must therefore be 'responsive' to the different screen sizes where possible to allow readable display on a cell phone or tablet in both portrait and landscape mode. The Upcoming events lists are 'Responsive' but unfortunately the traditional monthly calendar by month is not as it is a depiction of a 7 column table which cannot be segmented, so mobile viewers of traditional monthly Calendar displays have to scroll back and forth. That is why we have used  other formats as well as the traditional Calendar view.

Bottom Line

That’s it; a simple objective to add value where we can.

To be an entertaining and informative website where you can find all the Darling Events and Activities. Well, maybe not all the Events but certainly all that we have permission to promote.

Tell your friends.

If you want to promote your Event or Service why not use as many reputable Promotion outlets as possible to get the best demographic and numeric coverage you can.

If you are interested in using Whats on in Darling to get your message out by listing your Event or your Business, then please have a look at the offers below and at the Advertising page.

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