Tannie Evitas ‘sweet’ suite at Daisy Darling

Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout (the most famous white women in South Africa) draws not hundreds but thousands of visitors to Darling each year.

“Visitors from all over the world come to a show at the world famous Evita se Perron to experience a performance of PDU as himself or as Tannie Evita.

This year alone Daisy Darling  B & B has hosted guests from Brecon Wales, London, Norway, Holland, Canada , Germany, Croatia, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

This of course is in addition to South Africans from all over the country who make the pilgrimage to Darling to experience a show at Evita se Perron

Fran and Dave of Daisy Darling B & B realised the enormity of Tannie Evita’s popularity when week after week guests booked in to Daisy Darling B & B to attend a show.

In recognition of this iconic personality they penned a mail to PDU who founded the Perron in Darling some 21 years ago requesting permission to name their premier room after her.

PDU came to visit and was very happy with the idea and the room in this 118 year old building.

All original photographs and memorabilia in the room were donated by PDU/Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout.

(Of course Fran managed to get the pink headboards and other trimmings which Tannie Evita just loves)

We hope you enjoy your stay in Evita Bezuidenhout’s ‘Sweet’ Suite”

Fran and Dave, Daisy Darling B & B

Pictures by Dave Burger and Cathy Hall

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