@Darling Green Estate, Introduction

@Darling Green Estate is a modern development, which will be driven by the ability to create a sustainable lifestyle environment where the use of solar power and underground water supplies are paramount.

Not only is it a good way to contribute to global needs, it also creates homes that are becoming very attractive on the resale market. Such homes and estates will be become increasingly desirable, as electricity supplies become increasingly stretched, due to a poorly maintained delivery grid that has not been looked after. Going off grid means just that, no more reliance on the national electricity supplier delivering over long distances. Electricity generation is one part of the equation, but equally important is an efficient delivery grid.

Water management in the Western Cape is very much front of mind and the use of underground water and grey water where possible, sets a standard for living in an eco-friendly environment.

It is worth mentioning that the Swartland Municipality, under which Darling falls, has very recently been awarded  the Greenest Municipality in the country. This award carries with it, R3.5 million prize money. Swartland also held this prestigious title in 2017.

Swartland’s service delivery is exceptional. The Municipality has received 7 clean audits in succession. As a Darling resident, I can set my watch on a Tuesday morning when the refuse is collected.

Relocating to Darling makes perfect sense.

The @Darling Green Estate has set out plans to make use of alternative energy sources and responsible water management.

The Western Cape is rapidly becoming very popular for new and  migrating businesses. A province with a competent work force and better than average political management is a very compelling option.

The popularity of Cape Town in particular creates pressure on the city housing capabilities, because the city cannot expand to the south or to the west. This leads to urban sprawl to the north and east, and in turn that leads to serious inner-city transport issues and increased pressure on those who live in the outer suburbs, who have to battle their way through traffic. The MyCiti bus service is a major asset, adding many routes for trouble free movement around the city. Urban sprawl will get worse, as time goes by. Cape Town also has a major traffic impediment, Table Mountain. Whilst Table Mountain defines Cape Town, it creates traffic problems.

There is a solution, a solution that London has implemented very successfully over the past few decades. The concept of dormitory towns.

For many years, people working in London, have taken to the country near London in search of affordable housing in an environment where they can enjoy their week-ends away from the hurly burly.

Cape Town is facing the same issues that London faced so many years ago, how to attract the qualified work force while providing desirable living conditions.

Cape Town does not have mainline railway connections, as many lines have been closed. Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. So how to get to work? There is always the option of driving and paying a high price for petrol and city parking, or the option of using public transport. Darling is well served by good commuter roads. A big plus is the accessibility of the MyCiti bus service, which currently only runs to Mamre, which is just a few kilometres south of Darling. The possibility of the service being extended to Darling, is very real.

The @Darling Green Estate is a very compelling place to be. It is modern, uses modern and responsible resource management, is accessible to the major job market and offers a very special village environment, where you can enjoy Theatre entertainment from Comedy and Satire to Music in the village, 4 major wine estates just down the road, mountain biking, horse riding, photography, the list of pluses is extensive. Capping the experience, is the Yzerfontein beach a few kilometres to the west. Yzerfontein’s beach is applying for Blue Flag status.

And Darling is famous for its spectacular display of wild flowers during August and September.

If it is quality of lifestyle, combined with access to the commercial capital of the province, where the job market is buzzing, you seek, then @Darling Green Estate, ticks all the boxes.

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