Yzerfontein Neighbourhood Watch proves the value of cooperation.

We received the update below from the Yzerfontein Neighbourhood Watch on the incident that occured there on Monday morning.  This successful crime intervention clearly shows 1) the benefits of neighbourhood watches with vigilant members and good cooperation with SAPS and other law enforcement agencies; and 2) an appeal to local residents to join their neighbourhood watches and assist in becoming the eyes and ears of the community.

“Criminals were prevented yesterday from getting away with crime in an operation involving Yzerfontein Armed Reponse, Darling Police and the Farm Watch of the Neighborhood Watch. We have experienced at first hand the value of immediate reporting of suspicious activity by a watchful resident.

A female resident noticed around 4h00 on Monday morning unusual activities near her home and immediately called Yzerfontein Armed Response. They responded quickly and on the way to the scene they noticed a police patrol vehicle and informed them. They found a white Tazz car. They confronted the driver, who was driving only with parking lights, and arrested him as a suspect. Armed Response made a quick visit to their office .On their way back they noticed a red Toyota car towing a rubber duck. It occurred suspiciously and the police were informed. They tried to stop the vehicle but were ignored. The police and Armed Response followed the vehicle. At Windhoek farm, the suspect stopped after shooting from both parties took place. After more support arrived the police approached the suspicious vehicle. They found that the criminals escaped into the veld. The Farm Watch also joined the operation. They used a drone to explore the area. The police also continued exploring the area.

Meanwhile, the theft of a vehicle on a farm next to the Darling Road was reported.. A suspected person has also been confronted in the vicinity of Vygie Valley where a burglary was reported. He was taken into custody. Later, the police arrested two suspects connected to this crime in Atlantis. The stolen vehicle from the farm was also found and the criminals are in custody. Police are investigating the role the person in white Tazz car played in this incident. All the incidents that took place are linked to the same criminal group.

As Yzerfontein residents we want to express our sincere thanks to Yzerfontein Armed Response for the great role they play on a 24/7 base in promoting our safety. We are well aware that they provide valued services not only to their clients, but also respond to any call for help. Thank you, YAR, for being always ready to support the Neighborhood Watch in operations and patrolling .

We are also grateful to the Darling police for their regular patrolling of our town and their rapid reaction to this incident and the follow-up of clues that led to this crime being resolved. We also want thank Capt. Saayman, who attends as commander our management meetings regularly to advise us. We are well aware that Darling Police is constantly under pressure because of the shortage of manpower, resources and the high crime rate.

We are also very grateful and proud of our dedicated Farm Watch who regularly checks the outskirts of Yzerfontein and reacts quickly to incidents occurring in the town.

Then we would like to thank and congratulate the resident who immediately reported the suspicious activities in her neighbourhood. Her actions have caused serious crime to be solved. Prospective criminals get the message that Yzerfontein is on guard and that it is difficult to commit crime here.

Yzerfontein Neighbourhood Watch


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