Digital dependency: Our alarming addiction to smartphones

Do you fancy sitting down to dinner as a family, in the same room, without electronic interference, without digital dependency ?

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While the iPhone was launched in 2007, the report (Ofcom,  the communications regulator in the UK, to characterise its newly released 2018 Communications Market Report) argues that it was in the following year that the smartphone really took off in the UK. It provides a thought provoking, if somewhat alarming picture of how swiftly this device has infiltrated UK life and facilitated lives of compulsive connectedness.

Within the decade smartphone ownership has rocketed from 17% of the adult market to 78% and is now nearly universal amongst under 24-year olds. For many people it is the first thing that captures their attention on waking up: 40% check their phones within five minutes of waking up. They also check them last thing before they turn the lights off at night (37%). This habit is naturally even more pronounced amongst the under 35s, with 65% of them turning to their phones in the morning, and 60% doing so just before lights out. Throughout the waking day, people claim to check their smartphones every twelve minutes, making them the most important devices for accessing the internet.

Source ‘Digital dependency: Our alarming addiction to smartphones’ by: Britta Reid, with kind permission of Glenda Nevill, Group Editor of themediaonline.

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Image source the Telegraph 10th August 2018

“In an effort to reclaim family mealtimes from the ringing of mobile phones and blare of televisions, a food brand has created a rather revolutionary piece of technology.

The ‘Pepper Hacker’ looks like an ordinary pepper grinder from the outside, but actually has technology hidden inside that lets parents turn off Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and even televisions for 30 minutes – all by simply twisting the grinder once.”

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