Evita’s Free Speech Ep155: Evita gives a toffee

ANC cadre Evita Bezuidenhout tries to expose fake news and highlight alternative facts with a weekly episode of EVITA’S FREE SPEECH. This week Tannie Evita is applauding the success of Darling Sweet; Darling Sweet toffee is 4 years old.

The staff here at Whats on in Darling (Dorpskoerant ) from Owner, Publisher, Executive Editor, Features Editor, Technical Layout staff and busy Reporters would like to join Tannie Evita in congratulating Darling Sweet on their success. We all love your toffees.



Tannie Evita

Evita Bezuidenhout, still regarded as the most famous white woman in South Africa, was born Evangelie Poggenpoel of humble Boer origins in the dusty Orange Free State town of Bethlehem on 28th September 1935.

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