DIGITAL DRAWINGS by Nicolaas Maritz 2018

“When you say ‘drawing’, most people are immediately familiar with the concept. When you mention ‘prints’ however, the thing gets murkier.” Nicolaas Maritz

Nicolaas Maritz – “Art people appear very knowledgeable (don’t they always), but for the rest and rich people, well Gone with the Wind and all that. To add the relatively new concept ‘digital’ to either of the above categories and one positively has to go en point.

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I try to avoid the idea of digital painting altogether, because from a painter’s point of view, that seems entirely impossible, both conceptually and practically.

I am fortunate to have been drawing since childhood. It is possibly the only way that I can make sense of the world, and the things that happen to me. It is less about what I see than about what I experience or feel (yes I’m a very rare and sensitive plant…).

What nicer thing can have happened than that computers came along and made both drawing and printing instantly more accessible? And so contemporary!

As for ‘contemporary’ (as in CONTEMPORARY ART!), I have been battling with the baffling realization that anachronisms only exist as contemporary phenomena. So new media are not so new after all.

Despite all the transformative super hero effects offered by current computer graphics software, I always opt for the simplest, most direct applications. The idea that a computer drawing can resemble a real pencil drawing or a lino print is rather entertaining. Like a good illusionist magic trick.

But in the spirit of saving trees, (we’ve been warned!), and in a similar spirit of not adding further to the utter glut of contemporary art, (I’m warning you!), the majority of the works in this catalogue exist on the internet alone.

I have recently had a selection of these drawings printed out as giclee prints. They will be on show at the Maritz Museum in Darling, from 4 August to 30 October 2018. Viewing is by appointment only: 022 492 3202 / 078 419 7093.”

Visit Nicolaas’s new website >>

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