#Capexit and now # KwaZexit, whatever next. #DarlingExit ?

“It was the headline that got our attention: “Zwelithini threatens Zulus will leave SA and take KZN with them.” We have talk of Western Cape independence, now the King of KZN is thinking independence “” says Andrew Donaldson at the Mahogany Ridge.

Of ‘King Ill-Will Zwelithini’, Andrew Donaldson says it may be no bad thing if KZN ends up seceding.


IT was the headline that got our attention (as headlines invariably must): “Zwelithini threatens Zulus will leave SA and take KZN with them.”

The magnitude of such an undertaking gave us brief pause for thought.

Where would the Zulus put the province? In Lesotho perhaps? Zimbabwe? Would they have it float about at sea until it attached itself to Madagascar, say, or maybe even Malaysia?

However, closer scrutiny revealed that King Goodwill Zwelithini was just being his usual old bellicose self, telling traditional leaders and other constituencies at a land imbizo in Ulundi on Wednesday that “perhaps the time has come for KZN borders to be closed” and he managed the place.

Ill-Will, as we refer to the king, was warning government that if they in any way interfered with the Ingonyama Trust Act then he’d fight for an independent homeland.

The trust, you will recall, is a dodgy bit of apartheid chicanery that was stealthily introduced during the dying moments of white rule giving the king absolute sway over about 60% of KZN.”

Sorry folks, I just couldn’t help myself. #DarlingExit, whatever next indeed!!!

For the full (entertaining) article – Mahogany Ridge

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