The Queen of Hearts invades Darling

Saturday 30th June saw the official kick-off Bridge Tournament of the new Bridge club in Darling. Early morning start at the Darling Club, then bridge all day until late afternoon. Although a festive air was maintained, the bridge was competitive and administered under the watchful eye of a tournament director.

Then back home for a quick change to get ready to nip down to Evita se Perron to enjoy James and Monique performing their very popular Country Legends show.

It was appropriate that Monique sang Juice Newton’s hit ‘the Queen of Hearts’; the bridge players sang along in fine style. Gloria was enjoying the evening…

Gloria and James

Cathy is the stoic bridge player in this family, I stayed home to keep the dogs company and to chill out. My bridge skills involve the consumption of red wine, which over the course of an evening impair my judgement and I have been guilty of over ambitious (reckless ?) bids, mostly when my partner has to play the hand.

Darling put together a very successful Bridge Tournament, congratulations to organiser Merridy Edgson, whose brain child the Club and Tournament are, and her enthusiastic committee including Cathy Hall, Cheryl Pocock and Bobby Beckman.

60 players descended on Darling, many from far afield who stayed overnight. (The Wesgro tourism team were in town last week and they have a formula for working out the value of tourists to small towns such as Darling which involve multiple events and activities over a period of a couple of day, as opposed to a single event at a single venue. I must ask Wesgro for the details.) There is no doubt that events like the bridge tournament that attract people for an extended stay contribute to the tourism industry in Darling. Extended stay-over visitors who sample other aspects of the Darling experience are to be specially cherished. Thank you to the organisers for putting this event together.

The organisers would like to thank the many people who contributed to making the bridge Tournament a success, I will list them in no particular order –

  • The Darling Club for the use of their very warm and friendly room and the table set ups, and space set aside for snacks and lunch and all the other things hectic bridge players need to keep up their strength. Special thanks to Marita from Darling Club, who was absolutely efficient and helpful.
  • The catering was a huge success. Thank you to Groeneweide who went the extra mile, good planning, delicious food and careful setup; special thanks to Hettie of Groeneweide.
  • In order for a regular bridge club to operate and be viable on an ongoing basis it needs a substantial amount of money to buy equipment, scoring systems etc. The tournament and raffles made it possible and thanks should also go to the many businesses and people of Darling who donated prizes for the raffle.
    • Groote Post – the gift of a voucher for a group of 8 people to spend time at Groote Post enjoying a personalised game drive followed by a full wine tasting.
    • Accommodation providers (Disa Lodge and Daisy Darling) who offered special rates to contestants and gift vouchers.
    • A magnificent Orchid from Duckitt Nurseries.
    • Contributions to a “Darling hamper” from Darling Cellars, Darling Brew and Darling Sweets and contributions from bridge club members
    • A painting from Fran Sexton
  • Evita se Perron for setting up tables and looking after the out of town Brug Spelers who attended the Country and Western show. There was fun and there was laughter, hand gestures to the words of songs, Mexican waves and even dancing – some sensuous, some frenetic, all fun.

Yes a very fine Bridge week-end with many contributors and 60 participants. Thank you for coming to Darling, please come again.

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Peter Hall

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