Evita’s Crafters in Darling

Evita’s Crafters is a project started by The Darling Trust to provide space, resources and infrastructure to create needle-crafted objects which can be sold, thus developing a skillset and creating an income for the women involved.

The Darling Trust was founded in 2003 by Pieter-Dirk Uys, with the aim of assisting previously disadvantaged people of Darling.

Through these projects The Darling Trust holds true to their mission statement “to empower the individuals of the Darling community to help themselves through education and skills development“.

The Darling Trust has been a constant presence within the community, with other projects like free weekly music and art classes for children and The Early Childhood Development Centre, which has grown extensively over the last few years, now caring for around sixty preschool Grade R children everyday.

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In addition, The Darling Trust presents an annual talent show for members of the community of all ages to showcase their talent, hosted by Evita se Perron.

The aim of all these projects is to create a more inclusive community, with opportunities and access to healthcare, skills development and employment – regardless of their background.

In collaboration with Jacqui van Staden and the help of Darling Sweet, this project has been revived and is truly a story of a community coming together to assist.

Currently we have a team of five women creating monsters, and a whole line of items will be crafted especially for Evita se Perron and hopefully other gift and craft spaces in the future! The monsters were designed by Jacqui, starting as a whimsical illustration a few years ago.

To find out more and view the range of products, visit our Facebook page. Like and follow the page, purchase a monster or simply donate to this wonderful initiative.

To get in touch directly, email Jacqui.

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