2018 Voorkamerfest Performing Arts Festival in Darling

Voorkamerfest 2018 – our 13th edition. ‘Evita se Perron in association with the Fugard Theatre presents the 2018 Voorkamerfest Performing Arts Festival in Darling’.

Dates:  Friday 31 Aug @ 5pm, Saturday 1 Sept @ 12noon and Sunday 2 Sept @ 12noon

Where: in Frontrooms/Lounges of 21 houses in Darling (Western Cape; appr 75km north of Cape Town)

Bookings open: 1 July 2018 /  bookings@voorkamerfest-darling.co.za

Tickets: R200pp on Friday and R250 for the rest of the weekend

More info: Tasha – tasha@thedarlingtrust.org – 022 492 3384

Accommodation: Darling Tourism – 022 492 3361 and ‘Whats on in Darling’ – Accommodation

Market info/applications:  mariaan@iloveyzer.co.za  / 022 451 2202 / www.iloveyzer.co.za

Advance booking is essential

Colour coded tickets are collected at the box office in the Perron piazza area and guests are advised to arrive an hour before taxis depart for the shows..

You cannot book an artist, only a route – 3 shows on one route – if you attend the whole weekend, you get to go on 4 routes in total – you will never go on the same route twice.  4 routes = 12 different shows.

Artists will be announced on the website between now and the festival weekend (21 shows in total).

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2 thoughts on “2018 Voorkamerfest Performing Arts Festival in Darling

  • July 3, 2018 at 21:12

    Hi Peter, I think you forgot a date in the Voorkamerfest list…there should be 2 shows on the saturday, 12 ;00 and 17:00 I think…
    Regards, Elly

    • July 4, 2018 at 09:51

      Hi Elly.
      Many thanks for you Eagle eyed spot. Great that the Village is involved, thank you again. I have passed your message on to Tasha and I have changed both the Dorpskoerant and the Evita se Perron website event details. You’re a star.
      Have a great day and keep warm.
      Best regards


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