The Darling Bridge Club is up and running

I received the Darling Bridge Club event newsletter this morning. Although it is technically for the competitors I want to share it with you. There is no doubt that getting bored in Darling takes real effort. You would have to have very jaded tastes to be bored. Kibitzers are not encouraged…

Open Day Bridge competition in Darling – 30th June 2018

“Thank you for entering our Open Day competition in Darling.We are looking forward to welcoming you to our wonderful town and hope that you will take some time out to stay here and explore what Darling has to offer.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay, please have a look at the accommodation offered on our Darling tourism website: or our Darling Dorpskoerant website at ‘What’s on in Darling’

Bring your partners too, even if they don’t play bridge – there are many attractions in and around Darling. Darling Brew will be having their winter beer festival and if beer is not your thing, then there are many wine farms in and around Darling such as Ormonde right in our village and Darling Cellars, Groote Post or Cloof Wine Estate. For olive tasting as well, take a short drive out to Darling Olive farm.

If you don’t have time to visit all our wine farms, then just visit our wonderful Darling Wine shop in the village.  Right next door to the wine shop, you can taste the wonderful artisanal cheeses on display at Udderley Delicious.

Stop by for a coffee or breakfast at the Marmalade Cat and then pop next door to the catwalk to do some shopping.  If you are in Darling on Friday night, you may want to book early for their renowned Pizza evening.

Alternatively visit our wonderful Chicory Cheese restaurant for their excellent smoothies and tasty food and pop into our own Darling Book shop.

On Saturday evening, join your partners and celebrate in Darling.If you enjoy country music, James Marais and Monique Casselles will be offering a tribute to old country legends at the iconic Evita se Perron.  It is only R100 per person but book a table of 10 or more, and we can get a small discount.  If you would like a quieter and more intimate dinner, then book at Bistro Seven.

After a wonderful breakfast and special coffee at The Flying Pig take a stroll around our picturesque village and visit our Darling Museum and discover the history behind our village.

Enjoy Sunday lunch at the infamous Hilda’s Kitchen at Groote Post, take a drive out to !Khwa ttu for breakfast or lunch or enjoy a country style cuisine at Brig’s Barn right here in our village.

You cannot leave Darling without checking out the delicious Darling toffees at Darling Sweet in Long Street.

As you can see, we don’t just offer a day of bridge, but just so much more. So those who haven’t yet confirmed their place at our bridge tournament, please contact Merridy.  And if you haven’t booked anywhere to stay over, you had better do so quickly before all the accommodation is booked up!”

With regards from the Darling Bridge Club team

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One thought on “The Darling Bridge Club is up and running

  • November 14, 2018 at 17:00

    WHo would I speak to about playing bridge in Darling?


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