Do you feel like blogging ?

We all have things we enjoy doing, professionally, as a hobby, as a volunteer or just for spontaneous fun. Have you ever felt the urge to tell people about your adventures or you hobbies or have you become another victim of the Facebook culture where anything more than 50 words is an epic mission ?

Does a story have to be 1,000 words long, absolutely not. Writing an interesting short story or article is a lot of fun. Making a list is fun. Writing a review is fun.

  • Feel like writing a review of a show ?
  • What are your all time top 10 popular songs ?
  • Do you have a bucket list of things to do in Darling ?
  • Do you have a bucket list of things to do on the Cape West Coast ?
  • What’s going on in Darling ?
  • What new projects are happening in Darling ?
  • Do you have a product you are making that you want to take to market ?
  • Do you give guitar lessons ? Tell us about it.
  • Do you have experience of counseling in the area of substance abuse ?
  • Do you have a make of motorcycle that you recommend ?
  • Have you been on a biking holiday ?
  • What was the last hike you did ?
  • Do you want to join a Blogging group ?
  • Do you coach bridge ?
  • Do you enjoy gardening ?
  • Have you gone off grid ?
  • How about a lifestyle article ?
    • A Recipe
    • Bridge coaching
    • A book club
    • Setting up an amateur drama group
    • Setting up a writers’ group
    • Gardening tips
    • Waterwise tips
    • The book you are reading
    • Your travels to the Himalayas
    • The club you have set up
    • A short story
  • Do you enjoy sport ? Write about it ! Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Bowls, Tennis, Running, Biking – it’s all happening in Darling.

Give me a call – Peter at 022.492.2009 or email to Let’s talk.

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Peter Hall

Peter Hall – born in Belfast (N.Ireland). Supports the Blitzbokke and Sheffield Wednesday (who?). Part-time blogger or geek, part-time scribbler, reluctant part-time gout sufferer and occasional curmudgeon. Proud father of talented daughter (triathlete) and son (musician) who live in Australia.

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