Wesgro to launch Phase 1 of the Halal Tourism Guide

The Wesgro Leisure Tourism team is leading a sales trip to the Middle East in partnership with Tsogo Sun; and endorsement and support from South African Tourism (SAT) and Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA).

Wespre Media release continues -“Wesgro leads sale trip to the Middle East & launches Phase 1 of the Halal Tourism Guide.

Starting in Dubai, the team will launch the Halal Tourism Guide at the Arabian Travel Market 2018, followed by hosting a tourism trade event in Abu Dhabi on 26 April.

A first publication of the Western Cape’s Halal Tourism Guide provides insight  into Halal friendly products, restaurants, experiences, tour operators and an  overview of tourist regions within the Cape. The guide was developed in partnership with the industry.

“The global Halal market for trade and tourism is growing at an accelerated pace and the Western Cape Government has identified the market as an important niche focus area,” commented Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris. “The global  Muslim population is projected to increase by 70% to 3 billion – which will  equate to 31% of the global population by 2060.   Furthermore, it is forecast that some 27% of the global Muslim population will be living in sub-Saharan Africa by 2060.”

To date, the Wesgro Leisure Tourism team have led a number of campaigns to boost Halal tourism. This includes:

  • A media campaign with Dnata, which is the  largest travel trade group for the Middle East (May – September 2017)
  • A media campaign with Emirates, promoting a sales drive for Cape Town and the Western Cape (May – September 2017)
  • Joint hosting of tourism trade and media with South African Tourism in Dubai and Saudi Arabia (May 2017)
  • A networking session with Middle East Tour Operators, with Cape Town and Western Cape products – which attracted 47 attendees from across the province (October 2017)

In the upcoming financial year, the team intends to publish the second version of  the Halal Guide which will include a ‘Halal Tourism’ map of the Western Cape,  and facilitate a fully certified Training course from June to August – preparing  regions throughout the Cape to be Halal tourism friendly and initiate  familiarization trips for media and trade partners identified at the Arabian  Travel Market.

The team is currently in discussion with Cape Town based Muslim radio station, ‘Voice of the Cape’, to drive local awareness and support from the  local Muslim community.

Wesgro’s Chief Marketing Officer, Judy Laine, commented: “We are  actively trying to grow this key market in our tourism sector both locally and  internationally. Through partnering with ‘Voice of Cape Town’ we hope to engage  with our Western Cape audience and encourage domestic tourism within our local Muslim communities through fun and interactive consumer campaigns and  give-aways”.

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