The Darling Museum website gets a Makeover

A visit to Darling is not complete without a trip to the Darling Museum. With such a special and informative museum in our midst we can better understand the past.

The museum was founded by a group of local farmers’ wives in 1978 to preserve the butter making history of Darling. It has since grown into a comprehensive country museum reflecting the lifestyle and growth of the village over the century and a half since Darling was founded in 1853.

This very special museum features Victorian and Edwardian interiors depicting life at home, in business and at church; an early schoolroom; a unique butter museum and an outside barn showcasing local agricultural machinery and implements plus transport through the last two centuries.

A section honouring the heritage of the Khoisan peoples of Southern Africa contains traditional huts with hearth, hunting weapons and literature about the Khoisan way of life with reference to !Khwa ttu, the Khoisan Education and Culture Centre on the R27.

Here are a few links to a selection of pages to enjoy over your morning coffee –

Home Page –

Extracts from all the posts –

The beauties of Ouma’s Treasures –

Ouma's Treasures

Pop into Ouma’s. They might have just the plate you have been searching for, perhaps an ideal Christmas present, maybe a post Card or three so that can boast about your travels to your pals in the old fashioned way (there is a Post Office just down the road in the village).

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