Trivia Quizz 18th April

This quiz has been compiled after many Pub quizzes, facetious questions, comical debate about incorrect/correct answers and much cheersing to assorted quiz-masters. A most enjoyable research environment I’m sure you’ll agree.

All the questions have been thoroughly researched on Wikipedia. However the same cannot be said of the answers.

There are no trick questions, although there are a couple of trick answers.

The question-master/compiler is available for pub quizzes.


Your answers, correct and wrong and your score will appear at the end of the quiz – have FUN.

Pub Quiz April 18th

1. By which name is Maurice Micklewhite better known?
2. Christmas Island is surrounded by which ocean
3. City with the most Rolls Royce's per capita:
4. Elvis Presley had a hit with a Carl Perkins song. Which one?
5. Hawaiian alphabet has
6. How many hurdles in a 110m and 400m race?
7. How many months in the year have 28 days ?
8. In 1963 Gene Pitney sang a song - how many hours from Tulsa was he?
9. In photography, what does SLR stand for?
10. In which book would you find a Hefalump?
11. In which city is the HQ of the Central Bank of China?
12. In which country is Waterloo, where the battle took place?
13. Where is the Caprivi Strip?
14. In which opera do you find Lieutenant Pinkerton?
15. James Bond's cars have all been British-made until recently. Which is the only non-British make he has used?
Pub Quiz April 18th
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